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Our Biblically focused, spirit-led strategic planning maximizes
the congregation’s strengths in the
context of its unique local community.
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Strategic Planning
BK Church offers customized, strategic planning services designed to help you position your congregation for future growth and fulfillment in the 21st century. David Stark has worked with a number of pastors to help refocus and plan the future of their congregations. Our philosophy is to maximize the congregation’s strengths in the context of their unique, local community. This process is a Biblically-framed, spirit-lead, church-focused strategic planning process.

Who will benefit from Strategic Planning?
  • Individual churches faced with aging/downsized congregations
  • Churches experiencing leadership transition
  • Developed congregations needing to refresh their vision for the future
  • Newly established churches seeking to secure a foothold in their communities
  • Groups of churches from a single denomination
  • Rural, urban or suburban congregations large or small
What’s involved?
Each strategic plan is uniquely developed based upon the needs of the church involved. Typically, Stark will meet with the senior pastor and lay leaders in an initial information gathering session to assess issues and opportunities facing the church. Subsequently, a proposal is developed and presented to the church.

Typical components of strategic plans include (but are not limited to):
  • Vision statement
  • Core values review
  • Strategic map
  • Staff analysis and recommendations
  • Congregational survey, results and action plan with concrete next steps
  • Demographic survey for the surrounding area
  • Ministry metrics
What are the benefits of a Strategic Plan?
  • Strategic PlanningStrategic Plans provide the framework for building the future of your church.
  • Specific strategies and next steps take the guesswork out of how to move forward.
  • Strategic Plans prioritize where each staff member should be allocating his/her time in order to achieve the biggest impact.
  • Strategic plans focus on how to engage the congregation and surrounding community in new, proven, effective ways.
  • Strategic plans create clear pathways for those inside and outside of the church to engage with each other.
We’d love to hear from you. If you have participated in a Strategic Planning Process with David Stark and would like to share your feedback, please click here to send us an email. Please indicate if you would be willing to allow us to post your feedback on our website.
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