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LifeKeys tools help you identify a calling in the world, underscoring the fact that each of us has been created uniquely and has a destiny to fulfill.
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LifeKeys empowers people by helping discover:
  1. Who you are
  2. Why you are here
  3. What you do best
LifeKeys looks at an individual through five distinct lenses helping them discover their personality, values, talents, spiritual gifts and passions. These lenses help the individual identify a calling in the world while underscoring the fact that each of us has been created uniquely and has a destiny to fulfill. In order to discern where an individual might best use his/her unique capabilities, this process encompasses vocation, avocation and spiritual dimensions for a more fully-formed understanding of the total person.

Who should attend?
  • Anyone who is spiritually motivated and wants to celebrate and discover who they are
  • Those in transition or reaching key milestones
  • Leadership and Ministry Teams
  • Emerging and developing leaders
  • Career counselors
  • Members of small groups
  • Those desiring to become certified LifeKeys trainers (Specific Leader training is available)
Standard Conferences
Standard On-Site Conferences
Participants may attend either Discovery Day, Leader Days or for a more complete experience, attend both. Attendees will receive comprehensive teacher training plus the appropriate LifeKeys materials.

Attending Discovery Day will give you an understanding of the purpose of LifeKeys as well as walk you through the five lenses: life gifts, spiritual gifts, personality types, values and passions. Leader Days are intended for participants who plan on leading others through the LifeKeys process. A major component of the Leader Day Training is the Leader’s Resource which includes training tips, lesson plans and other materials that will assist you in teaching LifeKeys in a format unique to your needs.
Custom Conferences
Custom Conferences
At the very core of LifeKeys is the book, authored by Jane Kise, David Stark, and Sandra Krebs Hirsch coupled with a highly interactive 1 ½ day – 2 ½ day conference. Conferences may be organized at an off-site location of your choosing.
What are the benefits of LifeKeys?
  • LifeKeys appeals to a broad spectrum of individuals. People can participate in a group setting while realizing individualized results.
  • The five lenses are easy to grasp and combine the best of modern evaluation used in leadership development with the identification of spiritual gifts. The theories behind the Myers-Briggs© and Strong Interest Inventory© utilized in LifeKeys are two of the most widely accepted research tools used worldwide.
  • Not only does the course identify individual gifts and talents, it frames how these gifts/talents work together in both the vocational and spiritual worlds.
  • LifeKeysThe teaching format is adaptable. LifeKeys is a book, a workbook and a Leader’s Guide that allows different groups to use this tool in various formats. LifeKeys does not end when the conference is over. This self-discovery allows you to create action plans that may be immediately executed in the church, workplace and in daily life.
  • Additional LifeKeys products have been created to meet the needs of special groups. The Find Your Fit resources take the content of LifeKeys and applies it to students (ideally grades 6-9). Marriage Keys is a conference we offer for married couples. Contact us for more information on either the Find Your Fit or Marriage Keys conferences.
We’d love to hear from you. If you have participated in a LifeKeys conference and would like to share your feedback, please click here to send us an email. Please indicate if you would be willing to allow us to post your feedback on our website.
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