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Small groups offer
a way to become
more connected to the church while helping
to build a deeper relationship
with Christ.
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Growing People Through Small Groups©
Are you looking for ways to increase the vitality and spiritual growth of your congregation? Small groups offer a way to become more connected with the church while helping build a deeper relationship with Christ. However, launching an effective small group ministry is not easy to accomplish. Our proven techniques and time-tested learning will help you get off to a quick start or will help you revitalize your current small group ministry.

Well-executed, small group ministries will:
  • Help people build friendships at your church
  • Help people feel supported
  • Accelerate spiritual growth for participants, group leaders and staff
  • Provide environments where people can be transformed
  • Build accountability
  • Allow people to experiment with their passions/gifts
  • Provide an opportunity to take risks together
Who should attend?
  • Leaders of small groups
  • Trainers of small group leaders
  • Pastors
  • Lay leaders
Growing People Through Small GroupsWhat’s involved?
The foundation of this training is the book Growing People Through Small Groups© by David Stark and Betty Veldman Wieland. BK Church Forum (CCF) offers conferences based upon the principles found in the book and is supported by a series of manuals entitled “People Together” that provide practical applications for those leading small groups.

Growing People Through Small Groups conferences can be held off-site at the congregation’s location of choice or you may choose to attend one of our scheduled conferences on-site at BK Church. To enrich your experience, it is helpful to read the book prior to attending the conferences.
  • Our off-site conferences typically last 1 ½ days. Our ½ day is for managers and a full day is for leaders and managers.
  • Our on-site conferences last 2 ½ days. Day one covers the material in Growing People Through Small Groups as well as covering manager's training. Day two is spent learning how to train small group leaders. Day three is Advanced Leader’s Training 1.
BK Church will also provide on-site specialty trainings specifically tailored to meet the needs of your congregation or organization. Contact us for more information on this option.
What are the benefits of Growing People through Small Groups?
  • These trainings provide the foundation for small group leaders to return to their ministries and lead with confidence, using time-tested, proven applications.
  • Trained leaders lead rich and deep small groups which strengthen the various ministries within their congregation(s).
  • The principles learned may be applied in multiple settings; participants are not adopting a static model but an adaptable methodology that can be applied to a wide variety of ministries.
  • Growing People Through Small Groups has been used effectively by urban, rural and suburban churches of all sizes and denominations.
We’d love to hear from you. If you have participated in a Growing People Through Small Groups conference and would like to share your feedback, please click here to send us an email. Please indicate if you would be willing to allow us to post your feedback on our website.

Advanced training products
People Together Series:
  • Launch and Lead Your Own Small Group
  • Seven Steps to Effective Small Group Ministry
  • Launch and Lead Your Own Small Group: Training Resources
  • People Together Specialty Manuals (a three-ring binder)
  • Advanced Leader Training Manual 1
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