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Christ-Based Leadership combines what the Bible writes about leadership with the best of today's business leadership thinking.
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Christ-Based Leadership©
Christ-Based Leadership (CBL) combines what the Bible tells us about leadership with the best of today’s business leadership thinking. In his book, Christ-Based Leadership © David Stark has drawn leadership principles from his study of the Bible and has integrated leadership best practices from business theory.

Who should attend?
  • Pastors
  • Lay Leaders
  • Ideally, these two groups attend together
What’s involved?
We offer two options for Christ-Based Leadership learning. For the most robust experience, participants should plan to read the book prior to participating in either option.
Leadership Days
Attend one of our Leadership Days. Receive an overview of the key concepts of Christ-Based Leadership. This is ideal for those seeking an introduction to these concepts.
Webinar Series
Enroll in our Christ-based Leadership Webinar Series which consists of seven two-hour webinars. Each session builds upon the previous one. This is ideal for those seeking an in-depth study of the concepts in CBL, delivered in a manageable time commitment. If you don’t have time for all seven, choose those most pertinent to your needs.
Customized Consulting
Organizations may also request BK Church Forum (CCF) to consult on key leadership issues that are addressed in Christ-Based Leadership. Stark has successfully worked with groups of pastors over several months using CBL as the foundation. Customized classes and Consulting may be developed to cover a full day or more. Contact us for information on customized opportunities.
What are the benefits of Christ-Based Leadership?
  • Christ-Based LeadershipCBL focuses on gift-based lay leadership in lieu of appointing people to positions.
  • Its foundations are built on trust and accountability and flexible structures, ensuring the person is well-matched to the role.
  • Most importantly, it moves participants from being internally focused on the four walls of the church to an outward focus on the community in which the church resides.
  • Christ Based Leadership training asks twelve questions about your leadership style and methods, including:
    • What is the truth of your ambition?
    • Who is the lord of your leadership?
    • What is your definition of success?
    • Who are you here to serve?

These questions and your thoughtful answers will combine to make you the servant-leader you want to become.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have participated in a Christ-Based Leadership Webinar or class and would like to share your feedback, please click here to send us an email. Please indicate if you would be willing to allow us to post your feedback on our website.
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